2015-01-24 Everything else



Very pretty Puget Sound sunset skyline
Not sure who stuck the ketchup in the candy, but AR grabbed it

The potatoes have purple eyes!

This is how much pizza S ate

This is the cheese only pizza S made

Giant reese's peanut butter cup - AR ate it with a knife and fork


New Kids Pics - 2015-01-14

Been awhile since I've posted, so here is xmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc, all together.....

Was told at work that wearing a Seahawks Jersey was not acceptable as a Halloween costume since I wear them all the time anyways.....   Found Percy Harvin Elite jerseys for 95% off  - they are awesome jerseys, its just too bad they are Vikings and PH and not Seahawks jerseys..... So we went as Purple Seahawks for Halloween - I even grew a goatee so that I would look more Viking-ish....  AR did not want his face in the picture, so he is blended in with the tree behind him.  ;-)   Now we have decided these are our UW jerseys(only one little viking head and a tiny logo to cover up, so we can wear them on Saturdays to the office.  ;-)

Cutest Christmas picture ever!

K going to iFly