Finally moving up to the future - installed Win 7

We actually ended up installing it twice as the first time was just a dry run.  ;-)  Behold the screen of Win 7!

Edmonds beach panorama fun

Here's a link to the uploaded photo set:


Bleh - ran out of space on google blogs/picassa for pics... back to flickr/photobucket

Bleh - ran out of space on google blogs/picassa  for pics... back to flickr/photobucket....

it was nice having pics and blog in the same space

Cool flying bug I found

Found this sitting in the backyard.  Was pretty passive, I even poked it a bit to  position better for the camera and it didn't fly away.  Maybe some kind of a lace wing.

With Flash


K and S April/May

I see my shadow

Run S Run!

Ducklings explode away from K

S in the grass

S on dock

S the capt

S and the god father

per S... enough pics already

S watching a ball

S chasing ball

S swinging out of the pic

Super cuddles

S doing the jig

A super happy baby!

Million dollar smile

K enjoyed getting sand in her hair....she did not enjoy getting it out.....

Me reflected

Edmonds beach

zoom camera zoom

Not sure what she is pointing at

Edmonds beach sky

Me and S

K and S and the neighbors

Little Rice explosion!

K and S - so cute

Sleepy time

K and Uncle K - happy b-day

Uncle K and a tiny brownie

S and Grandma K

Wow- I can see thru this bowl

K and her new pink hat

K and godfather M and S and brownies and ice cream on his b-day

K has good balance

K and a lilac tree

S and a demo of how fast a baby can move, impossible to even capture on film

S loves to carry shoes around the house... if your shoes are missing, it was probably her.....

Run S run!

S loves to ride in the car with K, when K isn't around to drive, she likes to pretend

S with her cutey hair

that razor scooter is too big for her too

hurry up and get the picture papa... I won't sit here for long

K and neighbor

K driving S, S loves riding in the pink car

Y's mother's day coffee... yes, the heart in the coffee looks more like a real heart then a  valentine heart.....

Y and S eating strawberries.