Field trip to Edmonds, WA beach

We all had a lot of fun, and I think some of the kids had too many oreos, but it was a good trip, and I am glad my boss let me off for a few hours today to go!

The pics are broken up into 2 sections - all the kid pictures are in the 1st section, and the sea creature pics of the stuff we saw are in the 2nd section.

K G L M all happy to be here

K put the dead crab down as it was very smelly

bumped my camera and put it on the wrong setting - still looked kinda cool

L G K on a rock

The boots come off and in the water we go!

That's all the kids pictures, but I took a bunch of pictures of the tide pool sea creatures we saw and they are below.

Albino crab







Sea slug

sea worm

spider crab

Star fish

star fish

striped crab

striped crab

A few more

K all dressed up

K playing D&D

K playing D&D

ridiculously photogenic baby stylin' on a couch

K kindergarten graduation

K and class graduating!!!!

The 2 songs they sang:

ridiculously photogenic baby and  ridiculously photogenic grandma 

K walking

K sitting

ridiculously photogenic sister 

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The class

K holding a G

K putting down a G

ridiculously photogenic baby watching graduation

ridiculously photogenic baby can haz smilez

Walking up for diploma

All graduated

K getting a flower for grandma who was a class helper

K and her teacher Mrs. Sanchez